The karate obi is tied in a square knot. Below are some instructions. It's not easy to describe, so if you have suggestions, please comment, and I'll try to make it easier to follow.

Pictures will come when I get them.

  • Begin by holding the belt out in front of you.
    • Stripes should start on the right, so they end on the left.
  • Move you hands back and wrap the belt behind you.
  • Bring the ends back around to the front.
  • Line the tips up.
    • You can make the left side a tad longer.
  • Lay the right tip flat across your waist.
  • Wrap the left tip under both layers. * Layer one is the belt wrapped around you. * Layer two is the tip lying flat against you.
  • Pull the tip through. right is now left. left is now right.
  • Now hold the left tip out, and wrap the right tip under only the left tip.
  • Pull tight.

Miscallaneous notes:

  • The first loop need not be too tight.
    • The belt sits comfortably, not constrictively.
    • Weapons training requires a slightly tighter belt.
  • The second loop should be very tight, this is the one that holds the belt in place.
  • The belt is very long, that is why you wrap it all the way around yourself in the first step.