The only required equipment is a hachimaki, or headband. A simple one as you'd find is a sporting goods store is fine, but it must be plain white.

For sparring, a mouthguard is required.

Classes are done barefoot, but students should come prepared with running shoes.


Students will eventually wish to get a uniform. USAGF Karate students wear black uniforms, which are available from the link below. Please use this page as your starting point for purchasing equipment, as it will bring the overall cost of the dojo down.

A uniform is not required, only the white hachimaki is. It is most common for students to get a uniform after their first promotion.

If you want to order online, try ordering from my sensei.

Make sure you order a black uniform.

Adult students may wish to order a heavy gi. You should ask your sensei to check this material out before you buy it. It is indeed heavy.


Use this chart as a guide to finding the right size uniform.

Note:You will probably need to hem it anyway.